2012 Route Series

Get ready to send as the 8 week route series is almost here. It commences Friday Jan 13th from 7-11pm and will be your first opportunity to climb on our beautifully renovated lead wall. We're aiming to have 30 shiny new routes for the 13th, 10 more Jan 27th, yet another 10 for Feb 24th and 5 final bonus routes for the series closer Mar 9th. To spice it up, we're going to have a boulder comp Feb 10th starting at 7pm with 30 new boulder problems.

Come out and show your support, as this series we're fundraising for the Kamloops Access Fund, with the goal of raising enough money to grade the road to Roche Lake. Score cards will cost $5 including tax plus a $2 donation to the access fund. Please bring a twoonie!

Hope to see you here.

Cliffside Staff