School Groups

We offer Elementary and High School climbing sessions for all ages.

Climbing is a full body workout. It is a fun and creative way for students to increase their strength and improve their fitness. 


  • For Elementary classes our staff generally manage the safety ropes allowing the students more time for climbing fun!
  • For High School groups we can teach the students how to tie the knots and manage the safety ropes. This requires students to work together while climbing, teaching them valuable lessons regarding trust, teamwork, and responsibility.


Either way it's always a great experience for all!


2 hour sessions are $12/person including gst

1 hour session are $10/person including get


These special rates require a minimum of 20 students per session and must be booked during school hours. Students should wear running shoes and comfy clothes. Multiple sessions can be booked at a discounted rate. These include a variety of additional activities to challenge and engage all ages and abilities.

Please Download the Waiver and have each student fill it out before your scheduled visit!

Call 250-372-0645 to book your group.