Adult  Student  Youth    Tot

           (14+)  (6-13)  (5&U)

Day Pass............. $16      $14      $12       $6

Boulder Pass........ $14      $12      $10       $6


GST and Rentals are extra. Harnesses are $3 and necessary if climbing with the ropes. Climbing shoes are $3 ($2 for kids shoes sizes 10-5). Shoes must be worn when climbing however runners are usually sufficient for first time climbers.   


Drop-ins will be helped on a first come first serve basis. If you are coming with 4 or more people we advise making a group booking (at least 72 hours notice is required). Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate drop-in groups with more than 6 people.


Day Pass users have access to all the ropes, as well as our lower bouldering cave.


A belayer is necessary for all climbers wanting to use the ropes. A belayer pulls the climbers rope through a device keeping them secure as they ascend the wall. This can be done by a fellow climber, parent or friend. The minimum belay age is 14. Our staff can teach up to 3 belayers at once. It is not necessary for each climber to have a belayer, as long as the climbers are willing to take turns. There is no additional charge for a basic belay lesson, however belayers will need to wear a harness, so please no skirts! 


Experienced climbers will undergo a simple belay test to ensure they can safely operate our equipment. This is free of charge.


A boulder pass permits users to climb in either of our two bouldering areas. These areas are shorter and therefore equipped with mats instead of ropes. Due to the angles of the walls, this form of climbing usually requires more upper body strength. Many members prefer to boulder as they find the style of routes to be more powerful and gymnastic. Bouldering is great if you are nervous about heights, or want to climb on your own. For safety reasons some bouldering areas are restricted to climbers ages 14&up.